Argentine court orders removal of family name of sexually abused father from 10-year-old girl’s ID

Argentine court orders removal of family name of sexually abused father from 10-year-old girl's ID

The Family and Minority Court of Deira del Fuego’s first event this week ordered the removal of her father’s last name from a 10 – year – old girl’s identity card, who was accused of abusing the girl in 2015.

The The sentence was handed down by Rio Grande City Judge Marina Montero, who in her judgment considered the arguments put forward by the minor’s mother, who argued that her daughter had “psychological problems”. Associated with his identity card. The name of your abuser.

“Before any administrative procedure, even in practical work at school, it is exposed to indicate a state of abuse” Minor’s mother, when he was three years old, was abused by his biological father, who was finally sentenced to eight years in prison two years later.

As announced Argentine press, Argentina justice at the time “He has already ordered the removal of the abuser’s last name from the girl’s identity, but due to a change in the design implemented by the National Register of Persons (Renapper), the biological father’s name continued to appear on the back of the document.”

Faced with this situation, Judge Montero decided to remove the respective order to record the civil status and ability of the persons from the document of the minor “paternal filing data on the back of the Minor ID”.

“With a lot of effort and persuasion, but I have to say I got the response I expected from the judge. Fortunately I had a deputy in the student ministry, and it was with my daughter’s rights,” he said. The assured mother said she believes it after this successful judicial process Her daughter’s case “sets a precedent” so that “no other mother or one of her children encounters a similar situation.”

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