Ain. Tuesday and Wednesday, the coldest days of summer

Ain.  Tuesday and Wednesday, the coldest days of summer

When will summer weather return to its tip? This is the question everyone will be asking after the first half of July Too much rain. With the exception of the rain, it was cold that invited itself to the department on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th, the maximum not reaching 20 degrees in these two days.

“Two episodes of rain in the morning and afternoon prevented the temperature from rising. It was only 13 degrees at noon on Wednesday and only 17 degrees in the afternoon near Pork-en-Press,” explains Benjamin Dujat from the Planet Meteo website. To the extent it is not cold yet.

Large heat peaks are expected at the end of the month

“Contrary to what one might think, low temperatures still do not compensate for high temperatures, which have accumulated during the hottest month of June,” he continues. 143 mm, recorded in the Pork-n-Press, has been continuously falling since the beginning of the month, which is usually 70/80 mm.

“Temperatures are forecast to rise gradually every day from Saturday. So there will be a big improvement with a big heat peak expected at the end of July, ”he concludes.

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