The second World Test Championship starts on August 4

Dubai: New Zealand defeated India in the first World Test recently. Following the conclusion of the first World Test Championship, the ICC Second World Test Championship (WTC) will begin next month, August 2021. The ICC has announced the perfect matches for the tournament on its official Twitter handle. At the same time, the system for awarding certain scores has changed. That, too, is the ICC. The two-year World Test Championship starts on August 4 with a Test series between India and England.

The World Test Championship will be held from 2021 to 2023. Meanwhile, the team that wins each match will be awarded 12 points. If the match is a draw, both teams will be awarded 6 points each, and if the match is a draw, 4 points will be awarded. The Test series between India and England starts on August 4 next month for the next World Test Championship. As with the first championship, each team must play a total of 6 Test series this time around. Of these, 3 will have to play in other countries and 3 in other countries.

Over the entire two-year period of the World Test Championship, Team India will also play six series, three of which will be played in other countries. These include Bangladesh, England and South Africa. The series in India will include a series against Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia.

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