Michael Jordan’s greatest revenge: “African, do you remember me now?” “

Michael Jordan a surpris ses coéquipiers dans une soirée bien particulière lors de sa saison rookie

An excellent junk-speaker since he is a basketball player, Michael Jordan has been delighted with his verbal provocation and tasty instances of revenge when needed. ESPN in Mark J. We invite you to enjoy this new story told by Spears. A complete treat.

The name Magdar N’Daye may have sounded a bell, and after he trained at the NCAA he passed several French clubs and joined the NBA. But the biggest highlight of Senegal’s life was, unfortunately, that Michael Jordan was brutally punished on two occasions for daring to provoke him. ESPN in Mark J. Spears tells the story in a new magazine Stories of Hope, It is here:

When Magdar was in North Carolina (between 1995 and 1998, note), he was on a great team with Vince Carter, Anton Jamison and many more. One day in training, the famous coach Dean Smith came and said, “Okay guys, come in line: I’m meeting someone who does not need to introduce you.”

Everyone stands in line, and Michael Jordan enters the gym. Michael goes to the players one by one, shakes hands and asks what their names are. “Hello, my name is Anton Jamieson”. “Hello, my name is Vince Carter”. Et cetera, et cetera. Magdar is deliberately at the end of the line, to be last. Jordan came to his position and waved, “What’s your name?” Answer Other Answers: «My name is Magdar My God… and you? Jordan is a little confused. He replies: “Michael”.

He continues: “You don’t have to look at the NBA much, where do you come from? “Magdar replies that he’s from Senegal,” Jordan says: “I see, it’s true that they do not broadcast a lot of NBAs in Africa.” , Goes out of the gym, he’s back in training gear 10 minutes later, ready to play. He said to Dean Smith: “Give me your worst players, add them to my team. Magdar tries to sink in. He did what he had to do, and he left.

Many years later, at the Super Bowl in Miami, N’Diaye and Antawn Jamison try to join an ultra-selective club. They could not go inside, it was only for celebrities at the highest level. They are outside, wondering how they are going to get inside, and Michael Jordan arrives on a balcony. Magdar looks at it: “Mike! Mike! Can you help us get home? “

Jordan looked down and said, “Oh, do you remember Africa now?” “. He drives the heel and immediately returns to the club.

What more can be said? Michael Jordan in all his glory, in the trash-speaking pantheon. Magdar my God, he must have more dreams!

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