“Bergman Island”, “Titanium”, “Assigned Convict” … Movies to watch this week (or not)

"Bergman Island", "Titanium", "Assigned Convict" ... Movies to watch this week (or not)

ர்க் Bergman Island

French theatrical comedy written by Mia Hansen-Leave with Vicky Cripps, Tim Roth, Mia Vasikovska, Anders Danielson Lai (1m52).


Two filmmakers (Vicky Cripps and Tim Roth) set out for a writing residence in Pharaoh, Ingmar Bergman Retired Wild Island, the soul of a sunny, abundant, content and soft film defender. This summer, on this open-air camera, a full-fledged character, everyone is working: she, in a pigeon line, with this difficulty in writing, the “Dowd Est apology” filmmaker never made a secret. Him, in a room, obviously easy. What is creativity within a couple? What do we say to each other? What are we hiding? Inevitably, how do you accept the part of the other that escapes you? Mia Hanson-Lowe gives these questions a cinematic form of solitude with her glowing art, which can sometimes build a nest in the heart of a sense of love, imagining a woman’s artistic liberation, and its director Vicky Cripps, the ghost due to the invisible presence of the greatest of the masters of the land.

Mia Hansen-Leave: “Bergman is everywhere, but the film is not Bergmanian”

In the setting of these echoes – the echo of the duo created by Mia Hansen-Leave with director Oliver Assassin, the echo of a film in the film that Cripps filmed, which enriches the problem of her cinematic duo -, the power of all praise: Humo

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