Apple finally introduces the Maxoff external battery for the iPhone 12

Apple finally introduces the Maxoff external battery for the iPhone 12

We’re not expecting it anymore, yet here it is, Apple signing the MaxSafe external battery for the iPhone 12! It is marketed under the name Maxoff External Battery 109⁇. The first deliveries will take place between July 22 and 26, and will require you to have an iPhone under iOS 14.7 – a version has entered Release the candidate.

Requires MagSafe, this battery is easily and automatically wedged into the back of the smartphone, which recharges with induction (Maximum 5W). The accessory integrates a lightning port for its own recharging, and with a 20 W adapter (not provided), the product not only recharges its battery, but also fills the iPhone with 15 W of power. Also original, rechargeable iPhone and external battery by connecting the smartphone to the mains. In a way reverse charge, this is the first time such a function has appeared on the iPhone.

The capacity of the external battery is 11.13 Wh. As a reminder, the iPhone 12 Mini has an 8.57 Wh (2,227 mAh) capacity battery, while the iPhone 12 and 10.78 Wh (2,815 mAh) have the iPhone 12 Pro and the 14.13 Wh (3,687 mAh) iPhone 12 Pro Max. ). The external battery will eventually have two 1460 mAh cells (which is not very clear), so an iPhone 12 mini and an iPhone 12/12 Pro can be recharged.

The charging level will be displayed on the locked screen, just like in the previous Apple External Batteries and Batteries widget.

Edit: Accuracy regarding battery capacity.

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