2023 North American Native Games in Nova Scotia

2023 North American Native Games in Nova Scotia

The meeting was originally scheduled for 2020, but has been postponed due to an epidemic. The game was meant to bring together thousands of athletes from across the continent who take part in 3D archery and lacrosse competitions.

In July 2017, Lacrosse played at the North American Native Games in Ont Hogwerville.

Photo: Canadian Press / Chris Young

This is a major event, the most important cultural and sporting event ever held in Gijibuktok (Halifax).

An excerpt from:Fiona Kirkpatrick-Parsons, President, Host Society for 2023 Games

According to Fiona Kirkpatrick-Parsons, president of the Host Society of 2023 Games, the announcement, made two years ago, allows for better preparation for the event, even though the organizing committee is already ‘more than ready’. Funding is secured with the support of the provincial and central governments.

The logo shows a boat with three figures on a canoe.

The 2020 North American Native sports logo resembles the style of Mickey artist Melissa Labrador.

Photo: Cordois / North American Native Games 2020

Thousands of athletes, nine days of competition

More than 5,000 participants between the ages of 13 and 19 are expected from 750 indigenous countries. Sixteen games are spread over twenty places in the Regional Municipality and Milbrooke First Nation. The meeting will last for nine days.

Sports fields include traditional domestic activities such as lacrosse and canoeing, which include tracks and field, baseball and basketball. Milbrook offers 3D archery, where athletes target targets naturally arranged three-dimensional animals.

Fiona Kirkpatrick-Parsons points out that the 2023 Games will honor survivors of residential schools and children who died there. The goal of these games is to celebrate the youth and their future, She adds.

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Among the indigenous people, culture and sport are closely intertwined, ”explains the President of the 2023 Games Host Society. Cultural features are an integral part of the game. A ritual is always involved in everything we do.

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