Photos Cannes Film Festival 2021: Melanie Theory betrayed by her costume, Raphael’s mate shows a little too much

Photos Cannes Film Festival 2021: Melanie Theory betrayed by her costume, Raphael's mate shows a little too much

This Monday, July 12, the Crochet once again shone with a thousand lights, especially for costumes, especially the glamorous actresses Melanie Theory and Melanie Laurent. Lena’s circumstances also stunned the photographers.

For the third time, This 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival honors an American film. This Monday July 12, movie French shipment, Initially selected in 2020 and awarded the competition. Director Wes Anderson’s project illustrates the lives of many French people Lives in the twentieth century. Then Flag Day Presented by Sean Benn and Red Rocket Written by Sean Baker, Anderson’s film is one of the most anticipated. American Filmmaker More Present a French actress, Leah Zedox, who plays a prison guard. Unfortunately this is not what was expected of Crosette. In fact, July 10 noon, site Variety The French actress announced that she has tested positive for COVID-19. The information was later confirmed Parisian : “Leah is asymptomatic and vaccinated, she does a test every day and waits for her doctor’s instructions.” .

Ultra glamorous dresses

The absence of Leah Sedox did not prevent other actresses from putting themselves on their feet.This is it Melanie Theory ! The French actress and best model is really highlighted His beautiful figure split in legs using a green dress. But that’s not all. Her chest was highlighted by a fabric very close to the body of her dress. At the Cannes Film Festival, one fabulous costume always hides another. In fact, Melanie Theory shone with a thousand lights on a silver dress., In the form of a bustier featured The split of the actress.

Finally, in Crochet, it’s not just actors and actresses who march! This Monday, YouTuber Lena Circumstances had her 31st ! Thanks for the sun dress, The young woman, who was very indented at the level of her legs, revealed her amazing photo. Thanks to her bare shoulders, she was super sexy!

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