Pete Alonso defends his crown in the MLP round match

Pete Alonso defends his crown in the MLP round match

(Denver) Pete Alonso sang and danced until he won his second home run on Monday night at Cours Field in Denver.

The New York Mets’ first paceman scored a total of 74 home runs, beating Trey Mancini 23-22 in the final. He joined Ken Griffith Jr. (1998-99) and Yonis Gospets (2013-14) as the only champions to return to the event.

Photo by Mark J. Replace, USA Today Game

Trey Mancini has returned to the game this season after being treated to cure colon cancer. He missed the last campaign.

In the second start, Alonso trailed 22-17 after the first two minutes of the final. He then made six homers in six of 28 shots and reached a total of 23 long balls.

“I am the best power hitter on this planet,” Alonso said. You can show it off and put on a fun show for the fans, which is a dream come true. ”

Mancini, who returned to the game this season after being treated for a cure for colon cancer, is a favorite of the emotional crowd. Of the eight powerful hitters, Alonso was alive, however, and the match came back to haunt him for a year due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Photo by David Salubovsky, A.P.

Pete Alonso

The Mets hit the ball with colored sticks and Alonso nodded to the beat of the music. When not at work, he would ask the crowd to make noise for him.

The 26-year-old Mets player will now have the opportunity to match the 1994 winner, Griffith, who is only a three-time champion at the event.

“My parents would go to bed later to watch this match,” Alonso said. This is also one of the few nights of the year where I can go to bed later. In a regular baseball game you can see incredible achievements that you have not seen. Being able to win this match twice in a row is very special to me. ”

Photo by Mark J. Replace, USA Today Game

Juan Choto

In 2008, Alonso broke Josh Hamilton’s record with seven long balls and scored 35 home runs in the first round. Alonso first knocked down Kansas City Royals wide receiver Salvador Perez.

In the second round, Alonso needed all his seconds to beat young Washington national star Juan Choto 16-15.

Mancini missed the entire 2020 season due to chemotherapy. His treatments ended on September 21st. The 29-year-old Orioles is batting first paceman.256 All-Star break with 16 home runs and 55 Reserve Banks.

Photo by David Salubovsky, A.P.

Shohai Othani

“It was amazing, especially after the last year and a half,” Mancini said.

Choto delighted 49,048 spectators at Kours Field when Holmes hit a long ball 520 feet from the plate. This is the longest round in the tournament since the era of the Stodcast calculator. Prior to the Stotkast, Chicago Cubs offfielder Sami Sosa hit a Homer 524 feet off the plate in Milwaukee in 2002.

Japanese sensation Shoaib Othani started his round slowly but forced two extra times, but Choto won 31-28 and advanced to the second round.

Los Angeles’ Othani of Los Angeles will be the American opening pitcher for tomorrow’s game, and he will also act as the designated hitter.

Photo by Mark J. Replace, USA Today Game

Trevor story

“It was fun, but suffocating,” Othani said. The last 30 seconds of the first round and the tiebreaker are really tough. ”

Mancini defeated Auckland athlete Matt Olsen 24-23 in the first round. Olsen had enough power on the last swing, but the ball went over the limit.

“He’s a good guy,” Olson said. To see him fight, he is back in the game and now he knows the season he has, which says a lot about him, his character and his setbacks. ”

Home favorite Trevor Story defeated powerful Texas Rangers snooker Joey Gallo 20-19. On his last attempt, Gallo broke a candle.

“It was tiring, but it was so sweet for the first participation,” Gallo said.

In the second round Mancini Story was the best at 13-12. He came to the final after a slap on the center field.

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