Obama’s next Netflix product will be a romantic series

Obama’s next Netflix product will be a romantic series

Barack and Michael Obama will produce a six-part oncology series that tells love stories during a power outage in New York City.

New TV program for former US presidential couple. Barack and Michael Obama, who signed with Netflix in 2018, will produce a drama series Darkness Via Temple Hill in conjunction with Temple Hill. Release date not yet announced.

As announced Variety, Darkness There will be a six-part oncology series. Each chapter tells a different love story between African American youth set against a dark night on a summer night in New York. Each chapter was written by a different screenwriter. The Hollywood Reporter Indicates that a film is also in production. Some of the stories may feature in the series and feature film.

Darkness Taking the view of 12 young people … When the lights go out and the hidden truths are revealed, love sprouts, friendships are transformed and all possibilities fly. “

Series products

The platform also gives a taste of six stories: “An ex-couple should set aside their matches and walk through Manhattan and start a block party to go back to Brooklyn. Women are looking for a lost photo and find something. Two boys trapped in a tunnel meet face to face with their emotions. The two best friends trapped in the New York Public Library, surrounded by love stories, try to define whether there is one in their future. A trio of young people traveling to celebrate graduation take control of the double-decker bus to have fun … and try to see more clearly in their intricate love triangle. Two strangers discuss the philosophical nature of identity, wondering if anything else can be found between them. “

Obama has already produced a number of content for Netflix: American factory (Oscar 2020 for Best Documentary), To become, Who followed Michael Obama during a promotional tour for his book of the same name, Grip Camp, Summer camp reserved for young people with disabilities, or We the People: Do, Re, My … Democrat!, A program aimed at educating children about civic education.

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