NFL | The Washington Club celebrates its first anniversary

NFL |  The Washington Club celebrates its first anniversary

The Washington Football Club will not use the reference to the first nations of the United States in its next game, a year after the valuable NFL ownership withdrew its name – one of the most controversial in professional sports.

Stephen Wino
Associated Press

A year ago, on Tuesday, the Washington Club canceled its name “Redskins”, removed the Native American head from its logo and put an end to the 87-year-old tradition. These decisions have been made due to the pressure of team supporters and decades of struggle to condemn these offensive practices against the people of the First Countries.

The Washington Football Club will continue in the same vein for another year, but its new name and logo are expected to be released in the early months of 2022.

While the Cleveland Indians (MLP) have indicated they will change their name soon, the Washington Football Club is by far the most progressive in its approach, but the Atlanta Braves (MLP), Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) and Florida State University (NCAA) seminoles are on a difficult path.

“The announcement by the Washington Football Club that it will no longer use the head of a Native American as a symbol is a big step towards reconciliation, justice and fairness, but there is still a lot of work to be done.” Hawk said.

“It’s a step in the right direction, but the NFL, MLP and NHL need to encourage Kansas City leaders, the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Blackhawks to follow in the footsteps of Jason Wright, the Washington football team’s president, to correct mistakes. We have heard in the past, “he added.

Wright, who was appointed president of the Washington Club last August, struck out the name “Warriors” on Monday from the list of those acceptable by the NFL right. He said the name caused “a lot of unrest” among Native American communities.

“We will choose an identity that is completely unique than anything related to the first countries,” Wright added.

Wright clarified that the list of names of the Washington Football Club is “very low now”. It is unlikely that the word “red” was completely removed from the equation after months of discussing names beginning with the letter “R” such as the Red Wolves, Retails / Red Tails or Red Hawks.

The team leaders “firmly believe that the new team identity respects the past and protects its future as a right,” Wright said.

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