NBA LeBron est en colère

LeBron James reveals where he wants to end his life!

As he celebrates his 37th birthday later this year, LeBron James already has little idea about the end of his career. In a recent interview, he revealed what rights he wants to grant.

When LeBron James He has dominated the NBA for a number of years now, and has recently shown some signs of weakness. When his ankle contracted sharply at the end of this season, his hip was broken two years ago. For the first time, cyborg injuries need to be handled.

For now, nothing is incredible. King is in excellent form and he wants to bring another title to the Lakers in the coming seasons. But more than ever, the contribution of Anthony Davis is essential. Others, like Kyle Kuzma, want to increase their productivity.

But all of this raises questions about the continuity of LeBron. The end of his career is approaching and we are eager to know what he plans to do after his adventure with the lockers is over. Applause? Signing up for the new team? Well, we have to believe that this will be the first option.

In a recent interview, the native of Akron officially confirmed his career plan: to finish with Angelinos. He has no way of returning to Cleveland, or even finding a new right – he has in that case He has long sidelined a team from the East.

I hope to end my life with lockers. No matter how many years, if it is four, five, six, whatever, if seven, I hope you will continue to play this game.

If the situation does not change, for example if the Lakers do not like him, LeBron James will end his massive life in the City of Angels. His choice is made, he simply wants to entertain the fans.

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