Flooding after clouds: Holes in roads and roads are empty |  Domestic

Flooding after clouds: Holes in roads and roads are empty | Domestic

In Ridge, several places were flooded tonight after short but heavy rains. Elsewhere in the country it rained from the sky.

At 8 o’clock at night Rijsen was surprised by the short but severe cloud cover. Due to the storm, many roads were flooded, manhole covers were loosened and even the pavement tiles were loosened. The fire brigade also had to come because of a hole in the road due to rain.

Cronington had to endure a heavy thunderstorm early in the evening. An initial hurricane was also observed near Winsome.

Lots of puddles

It will continue to rain and it will rain a lot in the coming days. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, rainy areas will continue to enter our country from Germany. “This rain is long in form and will move for a long time in some areas, especially in the east and southeast of our country. As a result, there may be several hours of heavy rain in the region at times a day,” said meteorologist Wilfred Johnson. Weather Plaza.

Although local differences are enormous, tens of thousands of millimeters of rainwater may fall in humid places in the east and southeast of the country. Locally, more than 100 millimeters of rain was not excluded until Thursday. “For the record: the average is about 80 millimeters in July,” says Johnson.

In the west and north of the country it will be very dry in the coming days. In some places there will be no rain at all.


Tens of thousands of millimeters of rain over a large area can cause large-scale flooding. Johnson: Of course, in a built-up area, roads can be flooded, and in the hilly region of Limburg, as happened recently, even local floods cannot be ruled out. In addition, large puddles may form in fields and fields. ”

The problems that can arise in the German Eiffel and the Belgian Artennes are huge. Local rainfall is expected to be very high in those areas. Especially in the lower valleys, a lot of water accumulates in a short period of time, resulting in local flooding.

Sunlight comes after the rain

The proverb that the sun comes after the rain is true: from Sunday it will be summer. Fridays and Saturdays are ‘like dry’, 20 and A bit of the sun.

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