Dictoc opens a pop-up store in London

Dictoc opens a pop-up store in London

(ETX Daily Up) – Does Dictoc want to impose itself beyond social networks? Chinese app has decided to open a pop-up store in central London. An intermediate place that allows users to gain some influence and create videos at the same time. Convenient!

This British pop-up store is called the “for you” page of the app or “dict tok for your house” like “power toy” in French. Chinese social networking site Westfield has announced that it will open its pop-up space in London on July 22. It is open until August 8.

Users of the site can meet the stars Dictoc For valuable advice on how to create their videos in the app. Advice not to be free. Already announced, influencers Kyle Thomas, Ehis Ufua, chef Bobby O’Toole or freestyle footballers Jeremy Lynch and Ben Black will reveal their trade secrets for less than பவு 5 or 6 6. Parents will also be provided with ways to ensure the safety of their children in use. During the three weeks of the event these meetings will take place from Thursday to Sunday, and bookings are already open. Realism.

It is possible to privatize the campus!

“Dictok for You House” will allow you to thank his Dictok videos for the many rooms decorated in different ways designed for a specific purpose. Dedicated to editing “Living Room” or “Living Room” videos, “Kitchen” or “Kitchen” will serve as a catwalk for fashion, beauty or transformation challenges, demonstrating the virality of videos of good tasting recipes. “Gardening” or “gardening” gives the audience the opportunity to learn the best advice on the game or dance to better penetrate the stage.

The other good news is that visitors can privatize the rooms of this “dictator’s house” to quietly convert their videos, which is completely free. Bookings are already open Site, But only for appointments from Monday to Wednesday.

Due to the health crisis, visitors will have to be tested (temperature measurement), hand gel will be available at home and masks will obviously be mandatory.

“Dictok has become a cultural event that inspires many of our visitors, be it fashion trends, new home decor influence or food obsession. […] Having a space fireplace in Westfield London gives Dictok the ability to immerse buyers and new designers in the full 360 experience, where the best online platform unites with the real experience, ”said Harita Shah, Head of Marketing for British Events at Unilever-Rodamco-Westfield. , In The Guardian.

This is not the first time Dictok makes a real impact In the daily lives of its users. During Euro 2020, it was the official partner, with the Chinese social network renovating a new urban playground at the center of the 18th Arrondissement in Paris. Kept open Christian Clove, David Tresquet and Ludovic Giuli, This “dictoc” stadium will be accessible until the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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