Cannes 2021: Picture of the day, good plan ... We are putting forward Monday, July 12th

Cannes 2021: Picture of the day, good plan … We are putting forward Monday, July 12th

“SO FESTIVAL” information of the day

Actress Leah Zedox was not present at the screening of “The French Dispatch” produced by Wes Anderson. The approval of the doctor he attended to go to Cannes is not yet available.

Leah Sedox, who is positive for Covit-19, will not climb the steps of the palace, despite being vaccinated and asymptomatic, and then with the entire crew of “The French Dispatch”, Wes Anderson’s picture was presented at the official selection. The film marks the actress’ reunion with the American director, who co-directed “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (2014) with Ralph Fiennes, Adrian Brady, Bill Murray and Edward Norton.

Alicia Keys will perform at the end of the auction. Milla Jovovich, Nicole Kidman, Michael Yeh and Heidi Klum have all confirmed their arrival. Of the 27 editions, the Amfar exhibition, organized during the Cannes Film Festival, has raised nearly 198 million euros for research. The napkin ring was set at 11,000 euros.

The movie of the day

Wes Anderson’s film, “The French Dispatch”, starred Owen Wilson, Timothy Solomon, Elizabeth Moss, Francis McDomont, Tilda Swindon and Leah Sedax. The film features a collection of stories from a recent issue of an American magazine published in a fictional 20th century French city.

The sentence of the day

On Monday, July 12, when the Cannes Film Festival marches sent political support to filmmaker Grill Cerebreniko, he was banned from leaving Russia despite running for the Palm D’Or. “I want to thank everyone here. This is the first time I’ve shown my film. I’m so excited, I’m celebrating this 21st century, thanks to new technologies, allowing us to be together.”, Reacted at the end of the screening, to the filmmaker, to whom the room was presented on the floor with a very short live video.

Before the film was shown, the “La Fievre de Petrov” cast climbed the famous steps adorned with a red badge bearing the initials “KS” and was worn by festival chairman Pierre Lescour and general representative Thierry Framex. Their summit.

The armchair, named after the director, was considered one of the bravest men of his generation, but was punished for his bravery when it was “leto” delivered in 2017. While under house arrest under police surveillance, Cerebrenikov had to coordinate “leto” editing from his apartment. For “Petro’s Fever”, the filmmaker had to spend his days in a Moscow court for his case, which he describes as “Kofkesk”, filmed at night.

Good deal for the day

The good deal of the day was an amazing film. Because it’s good to be surprised at Cannes. At the Beach Cinema, no programming, this Tuesday, July 13, but its unnamed film. But we already know that we will not be disappointed.

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