Brazil | Polsanaro insults Cuba’s “brutal dictatorship” and stabs his rival Lula

Brazil |  Polsanaro insults Cuba's "brutal dictatorship" and stabs his rival Lula

(Brasilia) Brazilian President Jair Bolzano on Monday expressed his “solidarity” with the Cuban protesters, who are demanding “an end to a brutal dictatorship.”

“My support and solidarity with the Cuban people who are bravely calling for an end to a brutal dictatorship that has sold the illusion of a socialist paradise to the world and massacred freedom for decades,” the far-right leader said on Twitter. .

Before releasing this news, Mr. Bolzano has already mentioned the situation in Cuba in front of supporters in Brasilia, particularly criticizing the repression of the protests, which were dispersed by tear gas.

Protesters demanded food and electricity. They demanded their freedom. What did they get? Beatings, prison, ”declared the President of Brazil.

Unprecedented demonstrations took place in dozens of towns and villages on the island on Sunday. On Sunday thousands of Cubans spontaneously took to the streets, shouting “We are hungry”, “Freedom” and “Down with dictatorship”.

Hidden attack on Lula

Here in Brazil, there are people who support Venezuela’s Cuba. Those who went to Cuba numerous times to drink champagne with Castro and to Venezuela to drink whiskey with Maduro. If they really support them, it means that they want to live like the Cubans, Venezuela […], Equality in Poverty.

President Jair Bolsanaro of Brazil

Without quoting it, he was particularly critical of the leftist Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010), who visited Havana in January, particularly with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel and his predecessor Raul. Fidel’s brother Castro Castro.

Government of Cuba photo, via archives

Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, then President of Brazil, visited Fidel Castro in Havana on January 15, 2008.

Lula is widely favored in the recent elections for the October 2022 presidential election, while Jair Bolsanaro’s popularity is at a low ebb.

In November 2018, the Cuban government recalled several thousand doctors sent to Brazil over the past five years, from the newly elected Bolsanaro to harsh criticism of the “Mice Medicos” (more doctors) program set up when leftists were in power in Brasilia.

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