London offers final destinations in exchange for the vaccine

London offers final destinations in exchange for the vaccine

The City of London has come up with a brilliant idea to encourage its citizens to be vaccinated against Covid 19, by drawing a lot of people who have been vaccinated. Two winners will be able to take part in the Euro final this Sunday.

Sadiq Khan’s announcement will make people happy. The London mayor is scheduled in Wembley on Sunday to give two places specifically for a draw Euro final that will unite those who have been vaccinated against Covit-19 on Tuesday. “We are trying to encourage as many Londoners as possible to be vaccinated,” he told AFP. I announced today that I would be offering incentives for young Londoners to get vaccinated.

As of Thursday, he explained, “If you go to a vaccination center to get vaccinated, if you make an appointment to get vaccinated, you participate in a draw,” while contaminants linked to the UK delta are on the rise.

“Once in a Lifetime”

The key to this lottery: two tickets to the Euro 2021 final in Wembley on Sunday, as well as 50 pairs of tickets to watch the match from the fan zone located in Trafalgar Square in the center of the capital.

Those who have been vaccinated earlier will be able to register online starting Wednesday, and those who post a message on social media showing that they have been vaccinated will double their chances of being pulled. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Khan said, adding that “as many Londoners as possible will use this incentive to get the” game changer “vaccine.”

60,000 supporters in Wembley

A campaign has also been launched to encourage young people to get vaccinated. Instead of the 40,000 initially planned, about 60,000 spectators will be admitted to Wembley’s stand this week for the semi – finals and Euro final, with a maximum of 90,000 seats in the enclosure. Starting in Spain-Italy this Tuesday evening, without supporting coming from abroad.

A decision to face re-epidemic in the United Kingdom, the most miserable country in Europe after Russia killed 128,000 people, has been widely criticized. Sadiq Khan, who wanted to make a commitment, recalled that “anyone participating in the competition must have received two doses of the vaccine or have been tested to make sure they are not carrying the virus.”

After working closely with the government, the FA (English Federation) and the UEFA on the file, the mayor confirmed that “the match has been a resounding success, but one of the safest organized at Wembley so far.” .

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