– Live – Cannes Film Festival: Sports fan, Spike Lee watched the Euro final

- Live - Cannes Film Festival: Sports fan, Spike Lee watched the Euro final

The Cannes Film Festival, which was canceled in 2020 due to a health crisis, is back in its 74th edition this year, which runs until July 17. Live pictures of the competition, the red carpet and Star Confidence … Find the latest news from Croset on the CNUS website.

15 hours

We know his interest in basketball and he is also a football fan. The 74th edition referee, Spike Lee, who was invited to the Woman in Motion party on Sunday evening, decided to watch the Euro final between England and Italy. There was a big screen for him!

11:15 am.

Actress couple Turner-Smith hit hard. Some of her jewelry was stolen from her hotel room last Friday, we learned on Monday morning. The investigation is open.

10 p.m.

The party will not be complete this Monday evening due to the absence of Russian director Grill Serebrenikov, while his “Petro’s Fever” film is in the running for this year’s Palm d’Or. The filmmaker has been banned from leaving Russia due to a criminal conviction.

Already in 2017, Grill Cerebrenikov was unable to attend the “Leto” presentation on the history of the Soviet rock statue Victor Tso. He is “considered one of the most courageous directors of his generation, but was punished for his shamelessness,” AFP recalled.

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This is one of the most anticipated events in Crochet for this second weekend. Timothy Salamet, who will soon be playing Denise Villeneuve’s “Toon” – if health crisis permits – should appear on the red carpet for “The French Dispatch”, a new feature film by Wes Anderson, especially “On Board Darjeeling Limited”.

The film is a collection of stories taken from the latest issue of an American magazine, published in a fictional 20th century French city, according to its summary. The young Franco-American actor may be joined by other members of the cast, such as Tilda Swindon, Bill Murray or Matthew Amalrick.

Leah Zedox, who tested positive for Kovit-19, should be isolated for a few days.

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