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History: Science and Technology: Lenta.ru

A sailing and sailing ship that sank many centuries ago was discovered in Russia. Announced this RIA Novosti President of the Gamma Archaeological Journey of Gregory Kolovshansky of Perm State University.

He said the old ship was found at a depth of more than 20 meters in the Gama River near the village of Koklovka in the Perm region. Its dimensions are approximately 25 meters long and five meters wide. So far, archaeologists have not been able to determine the extent to which the object was preserved. However, Dives is scheduled to return in the fall to determine the ship’s condition more accurately and to address its museum problem.

“So far, the material has been studied mainly with the help of equipment. At this point we can say that the ship was used to carry goods. It can be dated to around the 17th – 19th centuries. Very quick to make more accurate decisions. We are at the beginning of the study, ”Kolovshansky said. He emphasized that the decision to expel the ship had not yet been made because it was not known whether it was technically possible to keep the material intact.

It is noteworthy that the ship was discovered by staff of the Ural Center for Underwater Research and Gamma Archeology at Perm State Research University. The discovery was made as part of a project to explore the waters of the Perm region to record cultural heritage objects underwater.

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