France XV: Enzo Forlotta on the bench to face Australia, five changes in the blues

France XV: Enzo Forlotta on the bench to face Australia, five changes in the blues

We take almost the same pattern and start again: within a week of Brisbane’s (23-21) setback, France’s XV found Australia with a slightly changed team on Tuesday and announced on Sunday. Three Montpelliers and one Perpignanis are on the score.

Coach Fabian Kaltik wanted to breathe a little freshness and body density to regain control against Wallace: Pillar Wilfried Hounkpadin (Castress, 30, 1st choice), second lines Cyril Cossacks (UPP, 26, 3rd choice) and Pierre-Henry Frasco (St. , 22 years old, 1st choice) and third lines Cameron Wokie (Bordeaux-Beckles, 22 years old, 6th choice) and Ibrahim Diallo (racing 92, 23 years old, 1st choice).

“An ambition, that’s all for the team”

“If you lose at the last minute, it’s hard. One ambition, that’s all for the team: we tried to re-mobilize, we worked together with the players, we tried to strengthen the bonds for the future. The players can breathe before creating the second Test match,” said manager Rafal Ibnes.

“In battle, this is an opportunity to discover other energies in fire,” Kaltik said for his part.

“There are players with” performance “, others are low. We had to find the right balance between earnings and continuity,” the coach said. The team, which starts Tuesday in Melbourne, will have 6 caps and a 25-year average kick-off. Exit, Temba Pamba, Romain Tofifenua, Gillian Gerasi, Dylan Gretin and Seco McCallo.

Zaminet confirmed on the back rather than the shield

On the other hand, the Blues’ staff maintained their confidence in Perpignan’s young back Melvin Jaminet, Was not flawless in the first game of the last action, which led to the defeat of the Blues. Created by Louis Carbonell (22 years old, 4 hats) and Baptiste Coolood (23 years old, 6 hats), Kiel will get a second chance, as well as winger Damien Bennett (24 years old, 23 hats).

Solid in the first Test, winger Cabin Villier, Jonathan Dandy and Arthur Vincent retain their place, as do the captain and third-row Anthony Jellonch.

A change on the Australian side

Initially, this second match was meant to serve as a team review, but after the chief’s disappointment, Kaldik changed his song.
The Australians, however, made only one change compared to the XV, which dominated the blues.

Coach Dave Rennie started right-arm spinner Daniela Tubu to replace Alan Aladdin, who will take his place on the bench.

The French players have not won in Australia since 1990, winning 28-19.

France XV: Jaminet – Bennett, Vincent, Dandy, Villier – Carbonal (O), Coulot (m) – Wokie, Jellonch, Diallo – Cossacks, Asoko – Hunkpatin, Barlot, Cross
Alternatives: Adrilord, Forletta, Pamba, Jerasi, Taofinua, McCallo, Iribaran, Pout Theor.

Australia: Banks – Wright, Paisami, Domua, Corypet – Lolesio (O), Gordon (m) – Hooper (hat), Wilson, Valettini – Salgaya – Lotto, Philippe – Dubo, Banga-Amosa, Slipper
Alternatives: Lonergan, Bell, Aladdin, Swine, Nisarani, McDermott, Ichidov, Kellogg.

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