Cannes 2021: Bella Hadid chest in the air, a fancy jewelry

Cannes 2021: Bella Hadid chest in the air, a fancy jewelry

For the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the stars are out to make a name-worthy appearance Red carpet. After Catherine Denue’s long-awaited passage, Bella Hadid raised the temperature on the model Crochet. On Sunday, July 11, 2021, Gigi Haddit’s sister appeared in front of the photographers with a big smile. However, in addition to her undeniable beauty, the latter caused a stir with her beautiful decor.

In a long black dress, signed by Maison Schiaparelli, which accurately marked her wasp photo, the pair again chose an interesting and unsightly necklace as a star. To process her chest, the latter approached her outfit with a gold necklace that would take the shape of her lungs. Could this be a subtle and elegant way to lift the barrier on female breasts? It, Only she knew it for now … but if it really happened, she would have to admit that she did it with a lot of flavor! Since its launch at the Cannes Film Festival, this time it has been for the rise of the film Three sites – three sites, From director Nanny Moretti, he noted this passage.

Beautiful men in Crochet

It is clear that there were beautiful men while climbing these stairs. In addition to the cast of the film, the refined Anas Demostier in a black celine dress, Anne Parilat, Victoria Sylvester, in a long brown dress with a smile on her face, is adorned with a long light pink shawl. Actress Lou Kala also had a very chic simple look, i.e. black shaped dress and black leather handbag. Tito for Taylor Hill, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel who recently got engaged. Wearing a white shirt and a beautiful green train skirt, surrounded by precious stones, she was simply divine. The day before, for the climb of the stairs In his lifetime, 25-year-old American made a splash in a revealing dress.

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