Bella Hadid illuminates the red carpet of “Trey Piani”

Bella Hadid illuminates the red carpet of "Trey Piani"

This Sunday evening, a great director, Italian Nanny Moretti competed with this last film “Trey Piani”. But all eyes were on American model Bella Hadid and her spectacular Schiaparelli dress.

Italian designer for an Italian film. American model Bella Hadid may have chosen her outfit specifically to honor Transparency filmmaker Nanny Moretti. Anyway, he wore a dress from Maison Scabarelli. Another front: The tree that cleverly covers its chest may be a sign of support for directors who have dedicated themselves to the camera for environmental reasons. However, Bella Hadid, who recently formalized on social media with her new boyfriend Mark Kalman, eclipsed the cast of the film “Trey Piani” on the red carpet on Sunday evening.

“Tray Piani”, to be released in France on October 27, 2021, tells of a series of events that radically changed the existence of the occupants of a Roman building, revealing the difficulty of being a parent, brother or neighbor in a world. Grief and fear seem to have the advantage of living together. While men are prisoners of their stubbornness, each of the women, in their own way, tries to fix this disunity and finally pass on a love that they thought was lost forever …

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