Amazon’s appeal against the Cloud Jedi Contract Award has been dismissed

Amazon's appeal against the Cloud Jedi Contract Award has been dismissed

On July 9, 2021, a U.S. judge dismissed Amazon’s appeal against the Pentagon’s offer of a $ 10 billion corporate security infrastructure cloud (JD) project to Microsoft. Reuters. As the Pentagon rescinded the deal, a U.S. court decision awaited.

Donald Trump has accused Jeff Bezos of seeking revenge through the Pentagon

The Amazon complaint condemned the Trump administration’s role in awarding the deal. The company believed the US president had pressured the Department of Defense to pull out of the deal. During his tenure, Donald Trump repeatedly denounced Jeff Bezos, the founder and now CEO of Amazon, for luring the billionaire’s newspaper to his term. Washington Post.

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After Google, Apple may be the next target of hopeless repression in the US

On July 6, the Pentagon terminated the deal in the face of lengthy and intimidating legal proceedings and a JD (U) plan already considered obsolete in relation to its requirements. Federal Court Judge Patricia E. Campbell-Smith followed the government to dismiss the case. The same judge in April refused to dismiss Amazon’s allegations and suspended the application for the deal.

Amazon naturally rejected its legal action, which launched in 2019.

Want to share Amazon and Microsoft pie.

A new version of the JD is coming out called the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capacity (JWCC). To avoid the risk of rejection, many companies can participate in this program. Microsoft has already announced its resignation from the Pentagon. Amazon has also given its contract, while at the same time not avoiding reiterating its allegations about the 2019 attribute. ” Not based on the merits of the projects, but rather the result of external influence making no room for public procurement .

A Pentagon spokesman previously announced that Microsoft and Amazon would each have a stake. The next agreement has the same goal as JTI, i.e. the digital upgrade of the defense sector, with the aim of standardizing dispersed tools and gaining technical agility, especially with the development of artificial intelligence. The Pentagon hopes that the first works of the JWCC will take place by April 2022.

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