The Ministry of Health confirms that the variant delta will already be in Bogot

The Ministry of Health confirms that the variant delta will already be in Bogot

Although the National Institutes of Health recently stated that no delta variant has been detected in Colombia, studies in Bogota are already underway because this is highly probable. The city is not immune to this mutation of COVID-19, which already exists in 92 countries around the world. One of its characteristics It spreads very easily, which creates anxiety.

According to Secretary Alejandro Gomez, the delta may be in the capital, among other things. Via international airports, People come and go from all over the world.

“We do not believe Bogota is exempt from the delta variant of the Covit-19 because in the globalized world and in one country they enter international airports and People are leaving freely It is almost impossible if the delta variant does not come”, Gomez explained to El Timbo.

The official described the compliance with this variation Bogota will take place over the next few days and is not identified by genetic sequencing.

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“Next week, Bogota will begin genetically sorting 200 samples per week, which will try to investigate not only delta variation but also other species,” the secretary added. The same newspaper.

Has the variante delta already arrived in Colombia?

Contrary to the district’s claims, INS said a genetic study was carried out in different cities this week and this mutation known as India was not detected.

However, The same company confirms that there are other types of COVID-19 in the country They have been identified as: alpha (p.1.1.7) ‘British’, gamma (p.1 Brazilian), Iota (New York), Epsilon, (from California) and lambda (C37, The Andean variant), quote RCN Radio.

Delta variation features

This is a strain that is causing great concern among epidemiologists For its infectious capacity and transmission speed. Although this has not been confirmed in Colombia, the same health minister, Fernando Ruiz, already considers that he will be identified in the coming days.

“Each strain is more contagious than ever before, and we know that there are already identified locations in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is a reality that is reaching the country because it is practically impossible to control. Brazil has already arrived, we have alpha, beta and practically all lineages.” (See also: High infectious potential and a number of delta variants, which are cautious in the electrolyte)

According to Dr. Carlos Alvarez, an epidemiologist appointed by the WHO for clinical trials against COVID-19 in Colombia, Delta It can infect between 5 and 8 people; The original reached infection of 2 to 3 persons.

In addition, it creates a warning because it can have an impact on vaccines that can be achieved through vaccinations.

“We know today that the effectiveness of some vaccines can be reduced, which means it can affect the developing immune system,” Alvarez said.

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