Size of 15-year-old Baron Trump saffron: crazy photo that ignites fans

Le fils de Donald Trump, Barron, est grand comme Kawhi Leonard en nba

While Donald usually draws more media attention in the Trump family, it is the snapshot of his young son Baron, 15, which is causing web panic this time around. The young man who has already gone over 2 meters, some guess him … a rule orange ball in hand! We take part.

A year ago, We already told you the profile, to say the least … Baron Trump is different, Only 14 years taller than his parents, Donald (1m90) and Melania (1m80). If that turns out to be the case, it’s only a matter of time before the teenager’s reappears, causing a great deal of controversy in his uprising.

The reason? Baron continued to grow, to that extent he was now 2m01! The viral photo, aired by the New York Post here, is available below:

New Trump Tower: Baron shows its height at 2m01 in New York.

In comparison, players like Kavi Leonard And the Montreal Horle is 2m01. So internet users rushed to find an NBA rule for the younger Trump, who actually has the profile. Tweets, some of which were funny, started to rain:

How are NBA players going to see Baron Trump on the field because they are all 2 meters tall.

Can’t wait to see Baron Trump drafted by rockets in the first round of the NBA draft (the owner of the rockets is pro-Trump, note).

Baron Trump is 15 years old and already 2m01 tall, taller than most NBA players. Someone is giving this kid a basketball.

What will Baron Trump look for in his first NBA game

The truth is, however, that 99.9% of Baron Trump will not be the first game of the NBA or even the first game of an NCAA. The son of the 45th President of the United States does not play basketball – besides, he does not actually play any sport other than golf. His parents also refuse to dedicate himself to American football because of health risks.

Baron Trump continues to push, and it is a wonder where this incredible development will take him. A virtual assurance: not towards the world of basketball.

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