Infinix wins Best Budget Gaming Smartphone

Infinix wins Best Budget Gaming Smartphone

July 11, 2021


Product Innovation Awards Infinix Wins Best Budget Gaming Smartphone in 2021

Infinity (Infinix) Global smartphone brand Infinix strengthens smartphone model HOT 10S award-winning success Mobile phone team based on brands with the best innovations in the field of technology products The best budget gaming smartphone Year 2564 From Product Innovation Awards 2021 Organized by the press Business + Offering the best innovative products and services of the year to brands under ARIP Public Company Limited in partnership with Mahidol University. Leading companies or organizations in every business sector are selected by the consumers for the best and innovative products and services. This is the result of consumer and consumer voting across the country

The country’s manager in Phoenix Thailand, Mr. Jerry Kong “Infinix has become popular and is growing rapidly in Thailand. Overall, past business operations are considered very successful. We are committed to developing sophisticated technology with design. Infinix Generation Hot 10S. Received good response from both media and user groups. It has been talked about since it was launched abroad. Through this model until the official release in Thailand The best budget gaming smartphone This is a smartphone for gamers 5,000 baht receivedCombine different technologies and improve the gaming experience so that gaming enthusiasts can enjoy full performance and longevity. ”

Infinix Hot 10S. There areSmartphone that comes with modern design. Large screen size 6.82 HD + fingers integrate with technology developed specifically for gamers. It uses the MediaTek Helio G85 processor chipset. And update rate The 90 Hz screen makes the display very responsive and fluid. It also features Dor-Link Ultimate AI Game Booster technology. Technology AI It is designed to improve graphics display and touch screen sensitivity. Reduces lag and adjusts working speed CPU And GPU Wisely SideThe battery of this model delivers up to 6000 mAh. With technology Power Marathon Saves Energy Athletes do not have to worry about power outagesDuring the game, there is tooRear camera 3 characters, maximum resolution48 Megapixel With new features Super Nightscape that can take pro-like photos.The result is beautiful clear images even in dark or low light and from all aspects of the Infinix Hot 10S. This makes it a smartphone that can meet the needs of the users for gamingEntertainment at the highest level

Product Innovation Awards 2021 Awards Ceremony It will take place in August. I would like to own it by those who are interested Follow the Infinix Hot 10S for more details and see special Or website

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