Grandma Mills became Michael Jordan again with Australia

Patty Mills s’est encore transformé en Michael Jordan avec l’Australie

You too have that intention in you over the years Grandma Mills, The most gorgeous NBA player, turns into a basketball superman when he plays in a tournament or FIBA ​​game?

Argentina learned it hard on Saturday during the preparation for the Olympics in Tokyo. With 2.5 seconds left in Australia’s throw and clock, the score was 84-84 as Grandma Mills won with a big game winner.

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His team’s top scorer with 17 points, Mills will see more players among the Boomers again, placing in Group B of the Olympics with Italy, Germany and Nigeria, scoring for Team USA on Saturday.

The Australian sport has paid tribute to the San Antonio Spurs player by appointing him as the Olympic flag bearer. He is the first athlete of tribal descent to receive this honor, which he will share with swimmer Kate Campbell.

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