Denison Architect Smartboat: A Prefabricated Cabin Working in Nature (Tele)

Denison Architect Smartboat: A Prefabricated Cabin Working in Nature (Tele)

What could be better than working in a natural environment? It not only encourages attention, but also inspires, which in turn contributes to productivity. Knowing this, California start-up Denison introduces the designed garden office “Everything you need for a proper work day”. According to DesignBoom, the Denison Architect Smartboat features a small, prefabricated cabin with a simple and stylish interior. Fully rendered, as its name implies, it offers functional high-tech solutions.

A pleasant and comfortable environment

The Architect Smartboard shows an interesting design that relies on wood-based construction and fully recycled 3D printed biopolymers. Has a metal finish. This is why Denison feels the same way “More like a car or smartphone than a regular building”. With an area of ​​approximately 9.29 m², The modern cabin is spacious enough to allow one person to work in a pleasant environment, In remarkable comfort. “Connected, delivered and fixed, we just reprinted it”, The American company said about its new product.

Designed to allow you to work efficiently

So natural light penetrates inside, and the Denison Architect smartphone has large image windows. The vast expanse of structure that represents one-third of the structure allows nature to think while doing its work.

However, to protect our privacy, the windows are fitted with a contrasting opaque confidential image. Also, it is interesting to note that this prefabricated 3D printed office has its own heating system, apart from being installed anywhere.

Inside there is also an air filtration device and a mini-fridge. There is a living room with a reading lamp on the ceiling. We would like to point out that the US company has provided USB-C ports, 27-inch adjustable 4K screen, 4K webcam and white board, not to mention desk and office chair.

Intended for companies and local authorities

This is very interesting, however, as the Architect SmartPot is primarily designed for companies and communities that can invest in multiple segments. Denison’s plan is to turn it into a room that can be accessed by subscription rather than selling it to individual workers.

about this “A complete service that allows employers to rent out office space to their employees to reduce costs, attract and retain employees, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase productivity and adapt to change.”. Despite this business policy, the product has something to pique our interest. We hope the startup will soon start formulating formulas for individuals.

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