Delta variation, control, vaccine shortage … Update on the situation

Delta variation, control, vaccine shortage ... Update on the situation

The prison, set in Sydney (southeast Australia) on June 26, has been extended for a week, this Wednesday, July 7. Although it is thought to last only two weeks, it is new Severe imprisonment finally applies until July 16th.

The reason? A Rise in Covid 19 cases New delta variant, It becomes very contagious. 27 new contaminants have been reported in the metropolis. Australia’s most populous city still has a population of five million Forced to stay at homeExcept for food purchases, medical care, fitness, school or work. Otherwise, The country’s international borders are still closed, Has been for 15 months now.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Periglion lamented the situation: “This delta variant is a game changer, It is very contagious. “Before adding:“ We don’t want to find ourselves in a situation where we have to constantly go from prisons to deconfinitions. “The extension of this prison in Sydney is therefore” the best way to ensure that this is our only prison before the entire population is vaccinated, “the Prime Minister of New South Wales justified.

Lack of vaccines

Thanks to its “Zero Govt” strategy, Australia has been able to live a more or less normal life, despite global epidemics. But still The situation now seems to escape from some point. The shortage of vaccine doses has hit Australia as the country faces renewed pollution.

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazard even announced on July 5: “People are chasing vaccines, which makes you think about the hunger game universe.” A reference to this universe that inspires young people to take part in an event that airs on television, that they should kill each other, is not really guaranteed.

At this point, Only 7% of 25 million Australians have received their two-dose vaccine. One of the lowest rates for a developed country.

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