Decline in Florida: Second Canadian body found at site

Decline in Florida: Second Canadian body found at site

The body of a second Canadian was found on the site of a collapsed building on June 24 on a Florida site, Global Affairs Canada said Saturday evening.

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“Global affairs Canada can confirm that the remains of two Canadian citizens were found at the scene. At least two Canadian citizens are still missing,” ministry spokesman Grantley Franklin told the QMI agency in an evening email.

“Our thoughts are with the families and friends who lost loved ones in the building collapse on the Florida Surface. We want the injured to recover quickly,” he added.


Embassy officials in Miami are also on site to provide assistance to the families of dead and missing Canadians.

“We are ready to provide diplomatic assistance to Canadian citizens if needed,” Global Affairs Canada said.

Canada’s first victim, Ingrid Ainsworth, 66, was found in the rubble of a building on Monday. The victim lived in Montreal and lived in Florida with her Australian husband, Disney Ainsworth, 68.

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