Australia has been coming to France for a year

Australia has been coming to France for a year

Old Europe Australia has now attracted the “new world” to host the cultural season.

The Australia Now Cultural Season, which is planned every year in a different country or region of the world, is coming to France this year. Until then, theAustralia Was in favor of neighboring areas or countries like Malaysia. This time, and despite the health crisis that rocked the project and its methods, old Europe has succeeded in attracting this country “New World”.

Until June 2022, the French will be able to find or rediscover a place and culture in our antibodies, through a hundred events. This programming is selective, consisting of dozens of companies in the colors of Australia. Artists, visual artists, dancers, musicians, athletes, filmmakers, cooks, economists, sociologists or writers will invest in the hexagon and take indigenous history with them, “The world’s oldest living culture”, But another way to think about culture. “Relations between the two countries have never been better, yet it seems we have a lot to discover about each other.”, Australian Ambassador to France Gillian Byrd summarizes.

The latter is well aware that his country is strong and undoubtedly evokes a small fantasy among the French. In addition to clich பற்றியs about major expansions or kangaroos, the ambassador hopes to highlight the heritage of Australian multiculturalism, innovation or ecology. Aside from cultural events, an economic and tourism element underscores the season.

An exotic season

Made in the middle of the Govt year, the programming was a little sad, with a slight sense of adaptation. A big exhibition is about to take place Qi Branch Museum Postponed to 2023, another one dedicated to Australian iconic photographer Destiny Deacon has been postponed to next April. Some artists had to give up coming to France and choreographer Stephanie Lake had to arrange rehearsals from a distance. Despite these obstacles, even if they are overcome, the season promises to be enticing.

In Paris, the Dietre national de la Dance de Coylot has already opened Colossus, Stephanie Lake before producing Sydney Dance Company in 2022. From June 5, the city of Le Havre moved to Australia, keeping all its museums and art centers under the Australian flag, with a Prism tribe. Elsewhere, in addition to performances and live performances, there are exhibitions of contemporary photography and two major exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo (Jonathan Jones and Reclaim the land), To indicate the season. He will be majestic at the embassy tonight with monumental works by photographer Petrina Hicks.

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