UAE suspends entry for travelers from Indonesia and Afghanistan

UAE suspends entry for travelers from Indonesia and Afghanistan

The General Authority for Civil Aviation and the National Commission for Emergency, Disaster and Disaster Management in the United Arab Emirates have announced that they will suspend boarding of all flights of national and international flights for passengers arriving from Indonesia and Afghanistan. , As of tomorrow, corresponding to July 11th. 11:59 am, except for transport flights arriving in and out of the country.

According to Emirates News Agency, this decision includes. Suspended the entry of travelers from these countries within 14 days Prior to arriving in the United Arab Emirates with a continuation of flights will be allowed to carry passengers on flights to both countries from the United Arab Emirates.

This will allow deported groups from Indonesia and Afghanistan to relocate to the United Arab Emirates, which includes accredited diplomatic missions between the two countries, including UAE citizens and their first-level relatives and UAE officials and executives. They serve at the Embassies of the United Arab Emirates in these countries, as well as the Embassies of Indonesia and Afghanistan.

The excluded category includes official representatives and merchants, with their prior approval, as well as holders of gold and silver residences, excluding holders of key jobs as classified by the Federal Commission for Identity and Citizenship, and groups of foreign cargo and transport aircraft, within 24 hours of departure for Covid 19 If laboratory test results are obtained and isolation is followed until departure and departure.

Excluded groups are obliged to take preventive measures, including 10 days of isolation, PCR testing at the airport, and the fourth and eighth days of entry into the country, and the reduction of the PCR exam period from 72 hours to 48 hours, provided by accredited laboratories with a QR code. Tests are accepted.

The Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that passengers coming from Indonesia and other countries via Afghanistan are required to stay in those countries for at least 14 days. Between the Emirates with these countries.

It also prevents citizens from traveling to Indonesia and Afghanistan, except for the country’s diplomatic missions, emergency medical cases, official representatives and previously authorized economic and scientific representatives in these countries.

The Authority summoned all the affected passengers by deciding to modify and plan their flights and ensure that they return safely to their final destinations without any delay or other obligations and to follow and contact the airlines associated with them.

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