Space: Science and Technology:

Space: Science and Technology:

The Arsenal Design Bureau of Roscosmos has proposed to build a nuclear power plant on Mars to provide power to a future Russian base. This is the report RIA Novosti.

It is assumed that the nuclear power plant will be delivered into orbit on the Red Planet as part of the nuclear tug “Zeus”, after which it will be dropped to the surface by parachute. As a furnace, it was proposed to use technologies developed for traction.

In addition, “Zeus” will have signal repeaters, and when placed in equilibrium with the gravitational forces of the Sun and Mars, it can create a high-speed channel to send information to Earth.

Formerly Russian astronaut Roman Romanenko Named Three obstacles to Mars exploration. He noted that astronauts should not return to Earth. In addition, there is a huge communication delay, and it is not clear how to adjust the aircraft under these conditions. There is also no scientific evidence of what will happen to a person when he leaves the planet’s radiation belt.

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