Revealed by a special site .. WhatsApp tests the feature of sharing high quality photos and videos | The world

Revealed by a special site .. WhatsApp tests the feature of sharing high quality photos and videos |  The world

WABetaInfo said WhatsApp is testing the addition of a “better quality” option for sending media, as an alternative to its previous “automatic” and “data storage” options.

The settings for these videos will work for chats, groups and broadcast lists, but not for status updates. This change underscores the fact that data download and sharing fees are cheaper, even in emerging markets where WhatsApp dominates the app.

This feature is currently being tested in the WhatsApp beta app, which is available through the Google Play Store and should arrive in regular releases for all phones within weeks.

This feature is coming to complement the self-destructive feature of photos and videos the site spoke of last April.

Screen showing the “Best Quality” option in the latest update of the WhatsApp application (social networking sites)

This feature is similar to what Snapshot has been offering for years, and the moment the image is opened on the recipient’s device, it disappears in self-destruct mode as soon as it is closed, as well as the video clip.

Vapida Information, which specializes in testing the latest beta versions, has also released screenshots online showing how the new feature works in WhatsApp, explaining how this option allows users to send photos and videos in a very personal way.

However, WhatsApp warns users that although photos and videos can only be viewed once, there is nothing to prevent the recipient from taking a screenshot of what was sent.

In the message displayed on the app, WhatsApp says, “When this system is enabled, recipients can only open your photo or video once before it disappears. Remember that they can take screen shots before it disappears.”

This means that anyone considering sending an embarrassing one in the future should be careful before pressing the send button.

According to WapitaInfo, this self-destructing news feature is still in development, but now that it has been pushed into the beta lab it is expected to be closer to introduction.

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