Player wearing $ 50,000 shoes in Game 2!

NBA Giannis se marre très fort

With so much money on hand, it’s no surprise that NBA basketball players indulge in some “small” pleasures. One of the most common concerns is sneakers, which can lead to impossible situations. A Joeueur went to Game 2 of the finals worth a pair … several tens of thousands of dollars.

Although not the most important member of the Bucks since joining in the middle of the season, P.J. Tucker has driven his pump well in ten seasons in the league. The more than 700 games he played allowed the winger to accumulate dollars, with a profit of nearly $ 50 million. Besides the orange ball, the perfect conditions to enjoy his other great interest: shoes.

In fact, Tucker is a legend in this regard, with more than 5,000 pairs of sneakers rumored to be at his disposal. Therefore, he never hesitates to come into matches with enough crazy bumps, and Game 2 against the Suns is no exception. The senior player showed off a pair of Nike Mac Back to the Future on his feet, a pair worth… 50,000!

As confirmed by the UPROXX site, this is the limited edition since 2016, which has sold only 89 copies worldwide. Reliable explanation for the excess amount. Let’s just say the guy has a taste for luxury! In any case Internet users immediately responded to the tweet, showing themselves as incredible as they admire:

P.J. for wearing only this type of shoe. Respect for Tucker.

He has the best swag in the entire NBA

Failed to become All-Star Tucker can at least say that he is a complete reference when it comes to sneakers. This is a performance!

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