Netflix dévoile enfin une bande-annonce pour The Kissing Booth 3 !

Netflix has finally released the trailer for The Kissing Booth 3!

Netflix is ​​setting its site on fire this summer. Kiss Booth 3 will be added to the list very soon. Trailer already available.

Good news for fans Kissing booth ! Netflix has just been released Trailer for 3rd movie online. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The hit Netflix movie

The competition in the streaming business is fierce. Between Amazon Prime, OCS, Disney + or Hulu. The 7th art amateur sometimes has no idea where to turn.

Netflix wants to give it everything Top the list of best video on request services. In fact, the American company is doing everything in its power to satisfy its subscribers.

That’s the least we can say The stage tries to entertain everyone. Thus, there is something for all tastes and all ages.

Now, it is attracting the attention of teenagers. And good news, Kissing booth3 Coming soon! Opportunity to return to this incredibly successful series of films.

Released on Netflix in 2018, Vince Marcelo’s first film starred two friends, Ella Evans and Lee Flynn. Always together, Have developed some rules that azolites should not cross.

Among them, Never have a relationship with an opposing family member. Unfortunately, the teenager is increasingly attracted to his BFF’s brother.

It turns out that it is not Not completely indifferent to the beauty of the teenager. During a school party, Ella and Lee arrange a kissing booth.

An original idea will have its small effect with students. But also with Noah. In fact, the brother of a high school student’s best friend would use this way to come and kiss her.

The 3rd component will be available soon

Netflix was a huge hit when the film was released. And so onThe second film was produced. At the moment, things are much more complicated for the couple.

Yes! The two young men had to live in a long-distance relationship. Despite a breakdown regarding this second part, the lovers quickly reconciled. True The third film will cause a stir.

Scheduled for August 11, the summary of the latter is as follows: ” Ella will be making her college debut soon. But first, she has to make a heartbreaking decision: join her boyfriend Noah across the country, or keep her word and go to her dream college with her best friend Lee. There is going to be a broken heart! ”

Again, a movie promises to be very promising. Especially becauseThe list of challenges will spice up friends last summer.

Will all succeed in making the right choice? Nothing is less certain. Especially since the second adventure his dance partner Marco is back in his life.

So the suspense is at its height For the third and final film. We need to see how things unfold. See you on Netflix next month to find out the rest!