Mayenne-based Zhou Group is offering a deal worth more than $ 1 billion in the United States

Thibault Lanxade est le PDG du groupe Jouve, basé à Mayenne.

Let’s talk about Mayenne to the United States : Mayen-based and data processing expert Joe Group has signed a $ 1.4 billion ten-year deal with the US government. This team is responsible for scanning documents from the U.S. Patent Office. A total of 1,150 jobs will be created for the new deal, including 150 in France and 30 in Mayon.

“Proof of adding pride to a medium-sized company”

Jove Team “Confirm the entire document chain“USPDO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), to manage obtaining patents from the United States Patent Office.”We receive a number of emails from companies asking for patents, and they send us an email describing the innovative nature. They will send you a photo, a map, and magazine articles trying to show its innovative nature. All of these documents will be placed in an email. We will identify everything in this email and set it up for quick, automatic reading. Then, we will ensure the organization and publication so that the patent can be published and disclosed.Thibo Lancaster, CEO of Zhou Group, explains.

The staff of the Mayenne-based team are working on the project. “Since four years“.”It boasts a Maynon-based medium-sized company. This is a great adventure because we sold our printing operations and now we are 100% digital.“, Confirms Thibodeau Lancet. Add more:”It is being successfully transformed not only at the digital level of a local company, but also internationally“.

To complete the new contract, the Zhou Group will set up a factory in the US state of Oklahoma. Recruitment has already begun: the team will almost double the number of its employees: a total of 1,150 jobs will be created The group currently employs 1,500 people in 8 countries, including 800 in France.

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