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Fear of London - midilibre.fr

Euro 2021 / Final. The festivities of the third half on Sunday at Wembley are worrying.

Allowing 65,000 supporters to gather at Wembley on Sunday for the Euro final raises questions as England experience the Covit-19 eruption linked to the Delta variant. But the festivals of the third half away from the ground will only make the situation worse. On Wednesday, the English victory in the semi-final against Danes (2-1 AB) created scenes of joy in the London stadium, as if the health crisis was no more. Fans are hugging their faces and screaming, often without a mask, that could happen again on Sunday against Italy (9pm).

Post-game, “source of infections”?

On Wednesday, Minister for British Institutions Kwazi Quarteng said “Hope there won’t be a big explosion” Covid cases are linked to the euro. “But I can’t guarantee this time. We’ll have to see what happens.”, However he was immediately relaxed.

In this context, “This is not the final issue”, Cites Antoine Flaholt, director of the World Health Organization at the University of Geneva. “Very dense expressions” No type festivals or festivities “The object of the identified clusters has never been”, Told AFP. “On the other hand, it’s important not to think of these matches as mere contests. “, He warns.


The UK government has made it difficult, if not impossible, for supporters to come to Wembley as isolation is maintained for visitors to the island. But the latter, unlike English fans, do not have to worry about their health. “If there are affected supporters, we will find out soon enough”, Says Professor Flahold, 80% of infections take an average of 12 days. “It is important to remember that it does not take a lot of victims to create super-contaminants, He continues. Areas less affected by the epidemic in the United Kingdom may be sown by supporters returning from London, and increasing pressure on the health system. “ So the euro can play extra time, not for the right reasons.

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