Check out Ken Scott’s new film Goodbye Happiness.

Preview of the movie Goodbye delight, Written by Ken Scott and released today with its theatrical release date. The theatrical release is scheduled for December 17 in Quebec, and the director’s new film stars Louis Morissette, Antoine Bertrand, Patrice Rabidail and Fran பிரான்ois Arnaud.

Goodbye delight It tells the story of four brothers in conflict who find themselves in the Magdalen Islands to spread the dead father’s bones. When the brother loses his chin, the whole siblings have to learn to live together in a family summer home located on the water.

Filmed in the fall of 2020, the film also stars Julie Le Breton, Charlotte Opin, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Marlis Borg, Elizabeth Duper and Genevieve Bowen-Roosey.

Distributed by Les Films Opel, Goodbye delight Is a production of Christian Loroch, who has been behind many successful films including The Mirage And 3 little pigs.

Ken Scott did not make films in Quebec Starbucks, Released in 2011. He also directed the American version of the film Anonymous donor (Distribution man).

We are also indebted to the director for feature film scripts. The Great dizziness And Maurice Richard. He has also directed American films in recent years Unclassified cases (Unfinished business) As well as the French film Fakir’s extraordinary journey.

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