Biden calls on Putin to act against cyber attacks from Russia

Biden calls on Putin to act against cyber attacks from Russia

Joe Biden called on Vladimir Putin to act against the attacks during a telephone exchange on Friday.Ransomware“Made in Russia, Under US Punishment”Necessary actions“To protect.

When he met his Russian opponent in Geneva in June, the US president, who had already raised his voice in the matter, was under pressure after a spectacular attack by Russian-speaking hackers against the American computer company Kasia a week ago.

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Faced with Republican opposition seeking retaliation, Joe Biden held talks Tuesday with senior officials, including intelligence or justice. Then he “Transmitting“A message to Vladimir Putin.

So, on Friday, the Democrats spoke directly with its Russian representative. “The president stressed the importance of Russia taking action against ransomware groups“From its soil, according to the White House.

The United States is ready to defend itself

The “Faced with this continuing challenge, he reiterated that the United States would take all necessary steps to protect its residents and vital infrastructure.“, According to the report.

Discussion “Well done, I’m confidentJoe Biden later said. Asked about the possibility “Effects“, He confirmed it”Yes“, Will not reveal anything.

“Cyber ​​Skills”

The United States has been hit by a number of attacks recentlyRansomware“Or”ransomware“, It involves breaking into a company’s networks to encrypt its data, and then demand redemption money, often in bitcoins, in exchange for the encryption key.

Apart from Kasaya, which has not been able to restart its servers, hackers have also attacked meat company JPS, the oil pipeline manager’s colonial pipeline, but local communities and American hospitals.

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While Moscow denies any liability, most of these extortion attempts have been blamed on hackers operating from Russian territory.

At the summit in Switzerland, the two addressed the issue and agreed to continue the dialogue with meetings between Russian and US cyber security experts.

Most cyber attacks in the world originate in the US

Joe Biden also threatened his opponent with retaliation if he crossed the red line. “I pointed out to him that we have significant cybernetic capability“, He reported.

Most cyber attacks in the world originate in the US“Vladimir Putin responded by accusing Washington of not cooperating with the hackers.


On Friday, on the phone, the Russian president was in this line.

Vladimir Putin noted that despite Russia’s desire to fight cybercriminals, we have not received any requests in recent months.“Mutual assistance from US investigators, according to the Kremlin.

Given the magnitude and danger of the problem, relations between Russia and the United States must be permanent, professional and non-political.“, According to the press release.

White House control

U.S. Department of Justice Estimated in June “Useless“Allegedly protecting hackers installed on its soil in return for its assistance in handing over extradition requests to Russia.”In the interests of the government“.

After all, the White House seems to want to avoid more direct confrontation. His spokeswoman Jen Zaki insisted on Friday.There is no new information to suggest that the Russian government may have led“Recent attacks.

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