“The Velvet Underground” by Todd Haynes

Trailer of the day: “The Velvet Underground”, a documentary by Todd Haynes. Screened outside the competition in Cannes, the film will be available on Apple +

Summary: The true story of the famous band The Velvet Underground.

Opinion of the Paris Contest (***): More than 2h30 archive images to be compressed, 600 hours rush, 8000 photos and a test form that will captivate pop art pop Andy Warhol. For his first music documentary, American filmmaker Todd Haynes saw the big picture. If the story is so classic, the form attracts, from the youth of Lou Reid and John Cole to the dirt of the group. The director of “Carol” is not satisfied with interpreting the interviews with live pictures, he supports a kaleidoscopic format to better adhere to the avant-garde spirit of the famous group. “The question I asked myself was how to make a new film about music, how to find something visual in this music, and how to make a connection between what we hear and what we see. I wanted to focus on the place and time to make us realize what people are doing in the early 70s, ”Todd Haynes told a news conference.

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