Sixers smash incumbent Billy fans!

2 profils pour les Sixers

With this year’s self-proclaimed title favorites, the Sixers fell back to earth in the playoffs. As a result, tensions within the owner become more and more apparent. A key player in the franchise has even hit the fan base, not long ago.

Everything had started well for Billy. First in the East in the regular season, Doug Rivers ’men approached the full season with confidence. Still, the adventure ended in the second round, with the Hawks winning seven games. A big disappointment for this owner with such lofty ambitions.

Since then, the climate in Pennsylvania, especially in the case of Ben Simmons, has been tense. The winger shouts at the fans who are primarily responsible for the failure of the Sixers. Attitude that does not please Australian teammate Danny Green. He asked NBC Games, Not on the back laces when talking about team supporters:

It makes an impact on everyone, and I think this is something that needs to change in the city. I love our fans, but they can’t run you when things aren’t going right. The only thing I disagree with is …

Some guys use this as a motivation, others use it as a shoulder tap, but I think it needs to change a little bit. They have to ride with us no matter how things go.

This summer Free Agent, the three-time NBA champion almost announces his departure with this statement. Always effective behind the curve (9.5 points at a distance of 40.5% per game), the former Spurs and Raptors would like to look forward to the last challenge, he is 34 years old. The Sixers experience is uncertain for him, but we imagine many competitors will contact him.

Apparently, Danny Green will not have a fond memory of Philadelphia and his fan base … Looking at his words, it is not certain that the latter has a different opinion about the back.

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