Peacock Storm California City: Locals don’t know what to do

Des paons prennent d'assaut une ville californienne : les habitants ne savent plus quoi faire

Peacocks are currently invading the city of Pasadena. Many California residents sing and wake up early in the morning.

For months, the city has been home to numerous peacocks. In the cut gardens they flutter majestic green and blue feathers, perch in the grooves of villas and puncture the bodies of vehicles. The epidemic of the relocation program for these birds is excellent and its life span has been reduced over time.

“Children are being tortured”

Many wonderful birds. Some townspeople feed them and take photos of them. But others are already tired of seeing their presence. A resident complains to the Washington Post about his late nights: “They wake me up at dawn. Their crying microphone sounds like children are being tortured by a very large microphone. ” Peacocks damage gardens and car bodies, much to the dismay of this woman’s neighbors.

These birds, in defiance of themselves, divide people, “according to one national policy,” according to one resident. So the rules and sanctions are currently in place by the Los Angeles authorities to continue feeding the birds.

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