ID Distribution: Ingram Micro Returns to US Flag

ID Distribution: Ingram Micro Returns to US Flag

$ 7.2 billion is the amount invested by Platinum Equity to complete the acquisition of Ingram Micro from Chinese wholesaler HNA.

Platinum Equity, a California-based private equity firm, has confirmed Make the final purchase $ 7.2 billion to Ingram Micro from HNA Technology.

The subsidiary of the Chinese joint venture HNA Group spent $ 6 billion in 2016 to acquire the world’s leading IT distributor, before considering sales in 2018 to reduce its debt. Platinum Equity won last December after negotiations in the context of trade tensions between China and the United States. This was welcomed by Jacob Kotsube, an ally of the US Fund.

As for Platinum, he said in a statement that the acquisition of Irvine (California) based distributors was “the culmination of more than a decade of investment in the technology sector and information technology distribution”. According to Ingram Micro, the transformation of the US-based financial partner is a recognition of the company’s ability to innovate and grow as IT priorities develop.

Distribution, logistics and cloud

“In addition to its core distribution operations, Ingram has developed strong capabilities in logistics services, cloud solutions and hybrid cloud,” said Matt Louie, Managing Director, Platinum Equity. Add more:

The company has systematically developed these measures due to the combination of investments between organic growth and acquisitions. We want to accelerate these efforts and aim for a higher growth path. ”

Its CEO, Alain Monique, continues to lead the multinational company, which acquires Platinum Equity within four months of announcing the upcoming merger between Ingram Micro, Sinex and Tech Data’s two rivals.

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