Hurricane Elsa will make landfall Friday night

Winds are forecast to reach speeds of 60 to 70 km / h, but southwest New Brunswick and western Nova Scotia are likely to reach speeds of 80 km / h.

According to meteorologist Bob Robichat, those in camps are better off protecting their belongings before going out into the air.

The wind may not be destructive, but may cause some electrical disturbances along the coast.

An excerpt from:Bob Robichat, Meteorologist, Canadian Hurricane Center

As for rainfall, the fields north of its path should receive significant amounts of rainfall. In total, about 50 to 100 millimeters of rain is expected in the New Brunswick area from Friday to Saturday morning.

The 2-3 meter high waves could reach the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia by Friday or Saturday night.

Early start of the season

Last year, the hurricane season set a new record: 30 storms were named. The first hurricane to hit the Atlantic only on July 25. Elsa, earlier than last year’s hurricanes, has been in business since July 2nd.

13, 19 named storms are forecast this year. You don’t expect to hit 30, but you never know, Argues meteorologist Bob Robichad.

Bob Robichat, in profile, gives a presentation about the hurricane in front of a big screen.

Meteorologist Bob Robichat with the Canadian Hurricane Center did not predict a record period this year.

Photo: Canadian Press / Andrew Vaughan

He also notes that some of the storms named so far have been very weak.

According to his calculations, hurricanes should be rare in the coming weeks.

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