Brazil | The “I Shit” in the Senate Commission of Inquiry begins with Jair Bolzano

Brazil |  The "I Shit" in the Senate Commission of Inquiry begins with Jair Bolzano

(Brasilia) Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro on Thursday said he would not testify before a Senate panel investigating possible abuses by his government over negotiations on the anti-Covit-19 vaccine.

“Do you know what my answer is?” I defecate, ICC. I will not respond to anything, ”he said. Bolzano broadcast his weekly speech on social media.

The head of state cites the request of officials of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (ICC) who want the President to respond to allegations that he tried to charge high fees for the purchase of the Indian vaccine Kovacs.

“I will not respond to any hypotheses of these people. They are not interested in knowing the truth, but they are not interested in evaluating the government,” the president added.

“After 13 days (of the allegations), no statement has been issued systematically, timely and enlightenment from the serious allegations made by the nobleman,” CBI chief Randolph Rodriguez, vice-president Renault Callhirose, was quoted as saying in a letter to the state president and reporter.

A health ministry official said the far-right president was being subjected to a preliminary investigation into what he called a “prognosis” of failing to heed suspicions of corruption in the purchase of covax vaccine.

The latter, who testified before the Commission of Inquiry, said he was subjected to “strange pressure” to approve the import of covacin levels.

O Estado DS. According to the Palo newspaper, Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech initially offered the vaccine at 34 1.34 per dose. But Brazil agreed to pay $ 15 more than any other vaccine it has ever purchased.

The Senate Commission of Inquiry has been monitoring the government’s administration for two months over a health crisis that has killed more than half a million people in Brazil, which has a population of 212 million.

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