The hidden tram station will reopen to the public after it closed in 1952

The hidden tram station will reopen to the public after it closed in 1952

Kingsway Tram Station, closed for 70 years London, Will reportedly reopen to the public Defender. Those interested and tourists can visit the sites located in the center of the capital and the hall of the station.England. Tours guided by the London Transport Museum will be organized from this summer.

Kingsway Station, built in 1906, served as a movie theater because it was the site of Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes. Bowler hat and leather boots. It was closed to the public in 1952, and London authorities supported the Metro, which was very fast and convenient.

Double-decker trams

This haunted house is in the middle of Southampton Row, at the intersection with Theobolts Road, accessed from a long, dark descent. It is admirably well preserved. According to a tour operator at the London Transport Museum, there are still “scenes of old glamor”. The station was large enough to accommodate double-decker trams or with double-decker cars.

Prior to reopening, the station was used to store trash cans or street signs, except to be used as a movie set, according to the British Newspaper. At its southern tip, there is a road tunnel. It costs about பவு 45 (about யூ 54) to visit the station ianVisits. These tickets will be offered at a premium rate to the London Transport Museum.

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