Snapdragon 895, the first definitions are not surprising

There is great anticipation around Snapdragon 895. Qualcomm’s next top-of-the-range processor is expected to be delivered by the end of 2021, and then by 2022 will feature most of the high-end smartphones. It is likely to be produced With 4nm production process And guarantee high powerllo Snapdragon 888 That, In its plus variation, Almost 3 Ghz.

On the Geekbench, the Snapdragon 895 scored 1,250 in the single center and 4,000 in the multi-core. Important results but very close to the results of Snapdragon 888. In addition, in the graphics test, Samsung’s Exynos 2200 (It is compatible with AMD GPUs) Seems to defeat Qualcomm’s next creature.

These are numbers to be taken with salt grain, but they give an interesting hint first. In fact, the feeling that Snapdragon 895 can represent An evolution rather than a revolution Compared to the current generation SoCs. A trend that has been categorizing smartphone processors for some years.

However, the production of the Snapdragon 895 should be handed over to Samsung and replaced with Taiwanese DSMC. Snapdragon 895 Plus. The latter, without surprises, will mark a regular summer update powered by Qualcomm, and will be offered in mid-2022.

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