Powerful Class X solar flare hits Earth for the first time in 4 years (video)

Powerful Class X solar flare hits Earth for the first time in 4 years (video)

This phenomenon is powerful enough to cause a short wave radio obscurity in the Atlantic Ocean.

On July 3, the Sun released the 10th class eruption, the most powerful eruption ever seen since September 2017, Second NASA’s Solar Dynamics Laboratory.

This is the first tenth class eruption launched by our star since the new solar cycle began on December 25th, 2019.

Solar eruptions are characterized by their types X-ray intensity Like A, B, C, M or X, A is weak and X is very powerful.

Tenth grade eruptions can have different intensities and are defined by a number.

This new eruption was the X 1.5, which, although not very intense on the record, was powerful enough to generate an X-ray pulse that reached the Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing a short-wave radio blackout in the Atlantic Ocean.

The last Flash X 1.5 was associated with large-scale events (such as ultraviolet lithography wave, coronal mass emission), which were less dramatic than the event on 09.10.2017, the 24th last event of the cycle (see also my tweet attached). But let’s celebrate the first class X flash of cycle 25 and greet swmcintosh.

Tony Phillips, astronomer and space meteorologist Explained The sunspot that created the explosion suddenly appeared.

For now, it is unlikely that a coronal mass discharge (CME) will come with the last flash. A CME is an explosion of charged and hot plasma that arises with explosions and its particles, which may take a few days to reach our planet, with the potential to cause interference Electrical and radio systems.

The Sun goes through an active cycle of about 11 years when the north and south magnetic poles change positions.

The change takes place at the weak point, after which the magnetic field is elevated to the maximum point. However, not all Solar max For one thing, it is unclear how serious the next period will be.

Experts note that the recent phenomenon is an indication that the cycle is becoming more active, with an increase in the coronal rings of plasma appearing on the surface of the sun. Reports Portal Sciencelert.

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