NFL 2021 Calendar: Falcons-Jets and Jaguars-Dolphins in London!

NFL 2021 Calendar: Falcons-Jets and Jaguars-Dolphins in London!

One year after leaving Europe, posters and dates for the 2021 NFL London Games have been set.

The British League account announces the October 10 Balkans-Jets meeting. One week later, on October 17, the Jaguars will offer dolphins. Each time, matches will be played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Each time, a kick-off is scheduled for 3:30 pm (Paris time).

Since Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson picked up first and second places in the final draft by Jaguars and Jets respectively, this project promises a lot for those who want to watch the Rookies game as part of the journey.

With New York facing a tough attack from the Falcons led by Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, but newcomer Kyle Pitts, both starters will be in the underdogs ’shoes. According to Jacksonville, the removal of solid dolphins, one of the surprise teams of the 2020 season, is essential.

The NFL states that the conduct of these meetings is subject to the rules on COVID in force in the United Kingdom. This is already possible Sign up for info on upcoming ticket sales.

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